1970 Challenger R/T


70 Challenger R/T, Before This is a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. It is a real R/T. It originally started its life as a special order R/T with a 383 big block, black interior, gold exterior with a black bumble bee rally stripe. This car spent most of its life in New Hampshire and unfortunately by the cars exterior condition it reflects that.

What is has:

70 Challenger R/T, Before Right now the car has a date-code-correct 1970 440 magnum backed by the infamous pistol grip 4 speed. The interior of the car is in amazingly nice condition, has very minor wear and is the original black. The car runs very well and is very, very strong.

The bad news about this car as with typical E body cars the rust is bad. Right now it is currently under restoration with the following being done right now:

70 Challenger R/T, Before Basically the entire rear section and floor pans of the car are being replaced due to the rust and previous "shoddy" bondo work done. The middle of the car is in good condition, doors are solid, the hood is bad has a ton of bondo in it. I was able to find a nice original rally hood for it as well as nice original front fenders. Once the metal work is done it is going to be painted.

One of my favorite movies is the 1971 movie Vanishing Point so the color will be white. I plan on finishing this car as a Vanishing Point tribute car, if you can’t tell already I have a thing for movie cars, more before and after pictures to come as I progress on the restoration.


Lopez called me to see this thing in between versions. When I saw the car, I asked him, "Where’s the car?"

70 Challenger R/T, During 70 Challenger R/T, During
70 Challenger R/T, During 70 Challenger R/T, During


70 Challenger R/T, During

70 Challenger R/T, During

70 Challenger R/T, During


This is what the restoration will look like when finished. 70 Challenger R/T, During

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