1967 Camaro
(Buddy Repparten’s Christine movie car)

I purchased this diamond in the rough last week. This Camaro was exactly what I had been looking for and I was lucky enough, for once, to find this car locally. I am the third owner of this car. It was originally bought by a woman fresh out of college; she then handed it down to both of her sons who drove it. I purchased it from the next owner, who bought it from them. The car is basically all original. It has some rust issues, mainly isolated to the hood, trunk and rear windshield. I picked up an excellent condition hood and trunk which took care of about 60% of the rust.

The car started its life built out of the Norwood, Ohio plant the 5th week of September. It was originally ordered with options such as tinted front windshield, strato bucket seats, deluxe seat belts, rear antenna, power steering, and center console 4 speed. The car still sports is original power plant, a 327 cubic inch motor with 300 horsepower backed, by its original Muncie M20 speed. The car was originally Butternut yellow without a vinyl top and black interior.

The main reasons I chose the car are because it was a factory 4 speed and it was a "regular" Camaro. I plan on making it just like the 1967 Camaro that bad guy Buddy Repparten drives in the 1983 John Carpenter horror movie, Christine. It’s a plain jane ’67 Camaro.

Right now the motor runs strong but needs a valve job, has a valve tap and also is skipping, which I believe is being caused by a worn lobe on the cam, so I am replacing the Cam and lifters with a Comp cam and Crane lifters. I plan on doing that in the next couple of weeks. The next steps after that will be to redo the interior in factory black and paint it gun metal silver with black rally stripes like the Christine movie car and add vintage Western Cyclone (turbine) rims.

Soon to Be

Here are a couple shots from the movie, showing what I’m shooting for.

Check back for updates.

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