1973 Ford Falcon XB GT

This is a 1973 Ford Falcon XB Gt coupe.

Ford Falcon The car was strictly made for the Australian consumer. The Ford Falcon XB was produced from the years 1973-1976 in which a total of 949 were produced. These Falcon XB GT’s were Australia’s road/race cars. Their "muscle car" era was from 1970-1978 (no EPA to deal with down under). The Falcon’s were made in three different classes, the XB Fairmont (base) the GS (luxury sport) and GT, the rarest being the GT. You could almost compare it to the Mustang (Shelby).

Ford Falcon I actually found this one on line from a guy in Brisbane, Australia. The crazy part is that the whole transaction was done strictly on line, I never spoke to him in person. I had the car shipped in a 20-foot cargo container from Brisbane to New Zealand, and then to Savannah, Georgia. I drove up from Orlando to pick it up at the port. Let me tell you, the transaction with the previous owner could not have been easier: he was very honest, nice, and helpful. He started the restoration and fell short of finishing it; I’m picking up where he left off. The shipping was actually easy too, but I should warn you: If you’re shipping a vehicle from overseas, watch out for the hidden costs. There can be several, and I didn’t find out about them until it the car made port in the US.

Anyway on with the car.

Ford Falcon My Falcon XB GT is 1 of 62 produced which came as Mulberry Metallic with white interior. I am restoring the car back to the exact original specifications. It sports its original 351 Cleveland motor with the infamous Aussie heads backed by the FMX automatic transmission. Stock, the car puts out 300 horsepower. Other standard options included 4 wheel disc brakes and long distance fuel tank. The car is basically ready for paint; its interior has been completely restored and mechanically, it is solid and ready to run. Once it’s painted, I’ll put all the exterior trim/grille, etc. back on it. Though it’s a foreign car, this car has taken a lot of cues from the American muscle car: the front resembles a 70 Dodge challenger, the body is a cross between a Torino GT and a Chevelle, and the hood is almost identical to a ’71 Mach 1. I am currently 1 of 6 US owners of a Falcon GT XB. You might have seen a car like this in the movie The Road Warrior. The body was heavily modified; it was the black Interceptor with the supercharger that Mel Gibson drove. You can also see a car like this in Eric Bana’s The Beast, an Australian race movie featuring his XB GT. Overall it is a very neat car that was not easy to find, and the best part is that it’s right-hand drive!

More Progress

Ford FalconExtra bracing installed per Ford Australia Racing’s Technical Bulletin, issued 1973-76, to stiffen the front and improve handling.

Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon

Coming Soon, Down the Highway

What car will look like when finished? Here’s the plan, but expect some slight color modifications: Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon The car is now ready for Dave the painter, to complete the restoration. New pictures soon! Ford Falcon

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