1969 "General Lee" Charger

I finally picked up a 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee car. Growing up everyone watched the Dukes of Hazzard and mainly because of two reaons, Daisy Duke and more importantly the 1969 Dodge Charger named the General Lee. The show ran for 7 seasons from 1978-1985 and also 2 reunion TV movies one in 1997 and the other in 2000. There were approx. 300 cars used during the filming of the series (numbers vary), most were destroyed with the exception of approx. 19 cars that survived in various states of disrepair which found their way into private hands. The cars were all automatic most center console shift some were column shift as well, and all sporting either the big block 383 or the big block 440 motors none had the famous 426 Hami. All the jump cars had 318 small blocks in them due to the weight. Also none of the doors were in real life ever welded shut.

In the beginning most cars had hand painted graphics but due to the natural of most being wrecked every week they started going with decals and also did away with the checkered and Dixie flag at the rear deck panel they also started cutting corners with painting, examples would be not painting under the hood/fire wall or inside the trunk, the reason being that these were rarely seen on camera. All cars feature the Vector hurricane rims, most being 14 inch and some 15 inch in size.

Anyway my car is actually a real General Lee, it was a back up car used in the 1997 reunion movie, I don’t know if it ever saw screen time but still pretty cool. My car sports a 440 big block motor backed by a center console shifted 727 autmatic transmission. The paint is original from the TV show and in typical TV fashion under he hood is not painted orange. The paint is not perfect but really still looks great. Unfortunately the person I bought it from removed the roll bar so I am currently getting one fabricated to tv show exact speifications and having it reinstalled. The car also sports the Original not reproduction Vector 15 inch Hurricane rims. The car is geared in typical General Lee fashion, it will burn the tires on the que with a 323 posi rear and really is very fast. The car has the Dixie horns and original Cobra 78x CB radio, and is autographed by most of the cast, the car attracts tons of attention anywhere I go.






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