1967 Buick Sportwagon

"After" pix coming soon!

a couple of sports Growing up like any other kid in the USA, almost every family had a station wagon. We always had a Chevrolet; then my dad ended up buying our next door neighbor’s 67 Buick wagon. I just remember it being blue and fast. He ended up using it as an extra vehicle.

a couple of sports Anyway, I always wanted to get a wagon and always liked the Vista Crusier that Oldsmobile made. This is the sister to the Olds. Buick made the Sportwagon, identical to the Vista Cruiser but with a better looking front and rear. I bought this car from the original 82-year-old owner from Anahiem, California. I have the original A title that was issued in July of 1967 and the car still sports its original California black plates. It currently has 62,000 original miles. Unfortunately living next to the ocean has weathered the car; luckily it is only surface rust. The floor pans are perfect, the body is super solid, the original white paint is very oxidized and has surface rust and the faux wood grain has long since delaminated.

a couple of sports Mechanically, the car starts right up and idles and runs strong. The Buick was ordered fully loaded with a/c, am/fm radio, power rear window which still works and the rare, optional fold down third seat. The best part is that is was ordered with the 340 Wildcat motor with 340 horsepower.

a couple of sports Most of these cars came with the stock 300 cubic inch motor. Right now the Buick is at Lopez Paint and body getting a new blue metallic paint job and new wood grain. Wood grain came from www.woodgrain4wagons.com.
Thanks, Mick!

a couple of sports I also found a set of 15 x 7 Buick GS sport rims to put back on the car, and I have a second metallic green sport wagon I picked up just in case I need a part or misc up grade on chrome. Check back for updated pictures!! Remember: wagons are cool; I hear they are collectable!

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