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Turn the key

I guess you could say I have always loved cars. When I was young, my dad was very involved with cars. He always had a 1957 Chevy BelAir hardtop or a corvette. My brother and I used to get so excited when he would bring one home. We would go and play in them for hours.

In the summers in North Carolina, my brother and I scanned the local IWANNA newspaper for cars to go look at with my dad. Every now and then we’d all go look at one, and sometimes...sometimes, he’d buy one. Our excitement would skyrocket. The 1927 bucket t hot rod–a real one–and the 1936 Ford hot rod pickup bring back fond memories.

Rev it up

It was the summer of 1988. I was 15 years old and had my heart set on finding a 1955 Chevy 2 door for my first car. We searched from North Carolina to Tennessee, and finally ended our search less than 15 miles from our home in Florida. I found the car of my dreams: a 1955 Chevy. I drove that car all through high school; read more about that by clicking on 1955 Chevy BelAir at left.

Check the road ahead

Then came college, marriage, and kids. My attention wandered and my excitement cooled.

Hit the gas

Before the birth of my second son, I got the car fever again. My father in law builds hot rods. I worked with him, fixing up classic cars, and rekindled my interest. Right then I decided that if I had the means, I would track down and find every car I ever wanted to own. I just did not realize that I would be so lucky to stumble upon them in such a short time.

This web site is dedicated to all the cars I have searched for and, luckily, have found. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I have enjoyed searching and restoring these cars.

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